Application to control RC devices in the frequency of 49 MHz using C# .Net and Arduino

Application to control RC devices in the frequency of 49 MHz using C# .Net and Arduino

The interest for using and adapting technology is increasing today, primarily for the use of control devices of different ways or techniques. A practical guide of an operable system composed by a computer application and electronic circuits is designed to control a Radio-Controlled device (toy car)...

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Translated title: Aplicación para controlar dispositivos RC en la frecuencia de 49 MHz usando C # .Net y Arduino
Journal Title: ECORFAN Journal-Mexico
First author: José Abril Garcia
Other Authors: Iván Meza Ibarra;
Adelina Alcántar Martínez;
Alejandro García Juárez
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Language: English
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Resource type: Journal Article
Source: ECORFAN Journal-Mexico; Vol 9, No 20 (Year 2018).
Publisher: ECORFAN México
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Categories: Social Sciences/Humanities --> Business
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