Habermas y la constelación posnacional

Estudios Internacionales

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Translated title: Habermas and the postnational constellation
Journal Title: Estudios Internacionales
Author: Matías Esteban Ilivitzky
Language: Spanish
Get full text: https://revistaei.uchile.cl/index.php/REI/article/view/19425
Resource type: Journal Article
Source: Estudios Internacionales; Vol 44, No 170 (Year 2011).
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5354/rei.v44i170.19425
Publisher: Universidad de Chile
Usage rights: Reconocimiento - CompartirIgual (by-sa)
Knowledge areas / Categories: Social Sciences/Humanities --> International Relations
Social Sciences/Humanities --> Political Science
Social Sciences/Humanities --> Social Issues

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