Assessing the impact of the regular use (4 weeks) of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer on TEWL and epidermal hydration

Assessing the impact of the regular use (4 weeks) of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer on TEWL and epidermal hydration

The Stratum corneum is a principal protector against physical, chemical, biological aggression and water loss in human skin. The repeated use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers might result in dryness and aggression. This study aims to evaluate the impact of a four week-long regular use of an alcohol-...

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Translated title: Avaliação do impacto do uso regular (4 semanas) de um gel desinfetante na PTEA e hidratação epidérmica
Journal Title: Jornal de Investigação Biomédica e Biofarmacêutica
First author: Henrique Silva
Other Authors: Liliana Tavares;
Rita Faria;
Stefânia Delsin;
Luis Monteiro Rodrigues
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Language: English
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Resource type: Journal Article
Source: Jornal de Investigação Biomédica e Biofarmacêutica; Vol 12, No 2 (Year 2015).
Publisher: Associação Lusófona para o Desenvolvimento da Investigação e Ensino em Ciências da Saúde
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Categories: Life Sciences --> Biochemistry --AMP-- Molecular Biology
Health Sciences --> Pharmacology --AMP-- Pharmacy
Health Sciences, Life Sciences --> Physiology
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