Spatial-Temporal Analysis of the Impact on the Distribution System due to New Types of Load with High Energy Consumption: Case Study in CENTROSUR with the Induction Stove

Revista técnica energía

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Translated title: Análisis Espacio Temporal del Impacto al Sistema de Distribución de Nuevos Tipos de Carga con Alto Consumo de Energía: Caso de Estudio en CENTROSUR con la Cocina de Inducción
Journal Title: Revista técnica energía
First author: S. Zambrano
Other Authors: B. Jaramillo;
J. Cárdenas;
M. A. Mejía;
A. Padilha-Feltrin;
J. D. Melo
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Language: Undetermined
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Resource type: Journal Article
Source: Revista técnica energía; Vol 14, No 1 (Year 2018).
Publisher: Operador Nacional de Electricidad CENACE
Usage rights: Reconocimiento - NoComercial (by-nc)
Knowledge areas / Categories: Physical/Engineering Sciences --> Energy --AMP-- Fuels
Physical/Engineering Sciences --> Engineering, Electrical --AMP-- Electronic
Physical/Engineering Sciences --> Engineering, Petroleum

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