Posted Facebook images in the school environment: analysis of the real significance of publications

Lecturas educación física y deportes

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Translated title: Imágenes posteadas en Facebook en el ámbito escolar: análisis sobre el real significado de las publicaciones
Imagens postadas no Facebook no ambiente escolar: análise sobre o real significado das publicações
Journal Title: Lecturas educación física y deportes
First author: Anoel Fernandes
Other Authors: Amanda Rodrigues;
André Luis Aroni;
Vivian de Oliveira;
Rubens Venditti Junior
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Language: Undetermined
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Resource type: Journal Article
Source: Lecturas educación física y deportes; Vol 23, No 250 (Year 2019).
Publisher: Tulio Guterman
Usage rights: Reconocimiento - NoComercial - SinObraDerivada (by-nc-nd)
Knowledge areas / Categories: Health Sciences, Social Sciences/Humanities --> Health Care Sciences --AMP-- Services
Social Sciences/Humanities --> Education --AMP-- Educational Research
Health Sciences --> Sport Sciences

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