Creative, methodology for the motivation for the learning of the natural sciences

Logos Ciencia & Tecnología

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Translated title: Creativa, metodología para la motivación por el aprendizaje de las ciencias naturales
Criativa, motivação metodologia para a aprendizagem das ciências naturais
Journal Title: Logos Ciencia & Tecnología
First author: Magaly Castillo Gómez
Other Authors: Mawency Vergel Ortega;
Ever Lafaid Fernández Nieto
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Language: Undetermined
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Resource type: Journal Article
Source: Logos Ciencia & Tecnología; Vol 8, No 2 (Year 2017).
Publisher: Policía Nacional de Colombia
Usage rights: Reconocimiento (by)
Knowledge areas / Categories: Social Sciences/Humanities --> Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary

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