Rat skin physiology is modified by age

Rat skin physiology is modified by age

Animal models have been useful in the study of specific mechanisms affecting human skin. Such is the case with ageing and the micromechanical changes determining wrinkles in UV- irradiated mice. These models enabled us to understand that ageing encompasses many peculiar mechanical responses which ca...

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Translated title: A Fisiologia da pele de rato é modificada pela idade
Journal Title: Jornal de Investigação Biomédica e Biofarmacêutica
First author: Graziela Sponchiado
Other Authors: C Mello-Sampayo;
Maria M Pereira;
Henrique Silva;
MF Otuki;
B Silva-Lima;
Luis Monteiro Rodrigues
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Language: English
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Source: Jornal de Investigação Biomédica e Biofarmacêutica; Vol 9, No 2 (Year 2012).
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.19277/bbr.9.2.42
Publisher: Associação Lusófona para o Desenvolvimento da Investigação e Ensino em Ciências da Saúde
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